Gift Guide For the Guys

Wednesday, December 5, 2018

In case you're looking for something for that special guy in your life, I've got you covered!  I've spoken with my fellas ages 20-50 and they are happy to share a few of their favorites with us today.

1.  growler set with stainless steel tumblers - Great for craft beer on the go!  Nothing breakable here!

2.  wireless bluetooth earbuds with charging case - My youngest son loves his & that's why they are on my wish list.

3.  Harry's holiday shave set - A couple of my guys are huge fans of Harry's shaving products.  They swear by the close shave and the way their faces feel after using the skin care products.

4.  Amazon fire stick - This one speaks for itself.  With Alexa voice control, tens of thousands of channels, and over 500,000 movies & shows, who wouldn't love it?

5.  log carrier - Simplifies the chore of bringing in the firewood.

6.  Smartwool socks - They say you should never give socks & underwear as gifts, but it's a little different when they are special, right?  My guys love basically anything made of Smartwool.

7.  flannel pajamas - Nothing beats a pair of classic pajamas.  These are currently 48% off.

8.  Ugg Ascot slippers - Comfy & warm with a wool lining and a rubber sole for outdoor wear.

9.  Shut the Box - This game is a family favorite!  We take it on vacation & to family gatherings & it's always a hit!

10.  Tommy John underwear - Again, maybe undies aren't the best gift, but these are pretty special.  They are a little pricey, but I'm told they are so worth it.

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