Nickel & Suede

Tuesday, May 15, 2018

I just found out about a cute little online store that I think you might like.  It's called Nickel & Suede. Have your heard of it?  They mostly carry leather jewelry - earrings, cuffs, and chokers. They also offer rings, t-shirts, hats, and few other goodies.  One thing that attracted me to the line is that the earrings are made with 14 carat gold or sterling silver.  How many times have you bought a cute pair of costume jewelry earrings only for the metal to "turn" after a few wears? Also, many of the metallic styles can be worn for dressier occasions and the more rustic styles have that Joana Gaines vibe.  There's also a gameday category with earrings in just about every team color you can imagine, if that's your jam.  Anyway, I'm really happy to find this site & hope you like it too.

gold cuff, 27.00

 vintage tweed, 27.00

rose gold, 25.00

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