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Wednesday, April 25, 2018

Hi everybody!  This week is flying by, is it not?  Blogging has taken a backseat this week as I've been moving back into our kitchen after a week of being away.  The floors were finally finished the day before we left, but there wasn't enough time to get organized, so I've been doing some thorough cleaning and organizing this week and it feels soo good!  And let's face it, re-entry after a week away is no joke.  A bit of bad news, while we were away, Greensboro experienced horrible storms. Unfortunately, water once again came under our kitchen door and now our new floors are warped.  I think it can be sanded out but darn it.  Others had it much worse and lost their homes, so I'm keeping things in perspective for sure.

Anyway, I wanted to share a few i-phone pics from our vacation with you today.  This was our first spring break without our sons which was bittersweet.  They were in touch with us the entire time though, reminding us of how jealous they were, lol!  I'd say the trip was well balanced with adventure, relaxation, good food, days by the pool and nights by the fire.  We stayed in LaQuinta at R's parent's house and they are such gracious hosts.  We always have the best time!

(I couldn't figure out how to get the dude out of the pic, ha)

LaQuinta has a farmer's market every Sunday morning.  They offer the best fish, fresh veggies, cheeses, etc.  We stocked up on some amazing olives, cheese, and dolmades and enjoyed fish a couple of nights.

Monday, we went to San Diego to explore breweries.  First things first though, breakfast at Cheeky's! The menu is updated each week and there is always something yummy!  I ordered the breakfast quesadilla.  Can I just say one thing?  Bacon flights!  Also truffle tater tots!  Oh, and I should probably mention that I had the best cup of black coffee, probably ever!

We took the scenic drive through the mountains to San Diego.  I love that route for its overlooks and winding roads.  

While in San Diego we visited several breweries which I highly recommend if you're into craft beer.  We ordered flights to share so that we could taste lots of things without drinking too much.  Don't worry, we spread it out over the course of the day with food.

Breweries in San Diego we visited

One of the things I love most about being in the desert is the cool nights.  The light you see above the mountain is the planet, Venus.  Each night, it was the first light appear and it was quite magical watching it disappear behind the mountain before any other stars were visible.

And of course, cool nights call for warm fires & cozy blankets.

R and I took the drone (this one) to the painted canyon and captured some pretty amazing videos and pictures.  That tiny little spec is me.  There are several options for hikers ranging from novice hiking to adventure seekers.  Our boys and their grandfather went on a craaazy hike a couple years ago that involved ropes, ladders, and really tight spaces.

Just to give you an idea, this starts out with a ladder (a janky one at that, ha) and from there it goes up, up, and up.

R and I also hiked in the Cove to Lake trail which was lots of fun until we ran out of water.  Note to self, always bring more water than you think you'll need in the desert. We both were dehydrated and it got a little scary toward the end.  I climbed 58 floors, walked 7.3 miles, and took 17, 691 steps.  I really wanted to see a bighorn sheep...maybe next time.

Flowers in the desert are such a treat to see.  How do they bloom with only 1/2" of rainfall a year?

We celebrated R's birthday (which isn't until May) at Morgan's at La Quinta Resort.  It was delicious and I highly recommend it for a special occasion.

All of the pool time gave me a chance to dive into Kristy Harvey's book, The Secret to Southern Charm.  It's the second of her Peachtree Bluff series and I'm enjoying it a much as Slightly South of Simple.

Last but not least, the oleander was so pretty this time.  I especially loved the pink shades.
Thanks for reading!

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  1. Thank you for mentioning The Secret to Southern Charm in your post! I hope you enjoy it!


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