Five Images That Prove Baskets on the Wall Are a Good Thing

Tuesday, February 13, 2018

Baskets are hands down one of the easiest ways to introduce natural texture into a space.  When they serve as a functional catchall for throws, shoes, or mail, it's no secret the warmth they add.  Another way to incorporate baskets is by creating a wall grouping.  Baskets on walls have been trending for quite a while and I believe they may be here to stay - at least in small doses.  I'm a fan, are you?

Jute Interior Design via decorpad


  1. I have used baskets on the wall in 2 jobs now and I love the organic feel of them!

  2. When I got married in 1982 we had little money for art. I had a collection of baskets on the wall in the den as well as over our bed. Wish I could find a picture


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