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Wednesday, October 25, 2017

Good morning y'all.  How about a random post today?

You may have seen this yesterday on instagram, but we brought our fiddle leaf fig inside the other day and couldn't believe how much it had grown over the summer.  We had to cut the top off to get it through the door.

Last week I had a photo session with a photographer for a head shot.  I've been needing a good profile picture for the longest time.  I can't wait to see how the photos turn out.  The pictures were taken in this cool old building and I loved the doors and the brick walls.

My birthday was last week.  The big one was last year.  So this year was a lot more fun without the pressure of being sooo old, lol.  My first celebration was lunch at Green Valley with my parents.

Last weekend we went to Williamsburg for a swim meet and stayed at Kingsmill with R's parents.  They treated me to the Rockefeller Room at the Williamsburg Inn.  It was amazing!

The next day we drove to Norfolk to cheer for our pirates at Old Dominion University.  We were able to chat for a few minutes then they boarded the bus to go home.  I love seeing them even if it's only for a few minutes.

That night we had dinner at the James Landing Grille and saw the most beautiful sunset.

Monday I picked Reagan up from puppy camp and spoiled her with extra snuggles.

What have you been up to lately?


  1. I adore the Williamsburg Inn! Always a favorite treat your self place of mine when I was in grad school. Happy belated!

    1. It was beautiful! I could live on the back patio! The food was delicious too.

  2. Happy Birthday Rene! I can't believe how big Reagan is now, she looks so content in Mom's arms :)
    Deni in NC

    1. Thank you! She is full grown, but she's small for a Weim. We love her compact size and her personality more than makes up everything, lol!

  3. Happy birthday, Rene. Looks like you had a wonderful celebration! We went to Williamsburg a few years ago for a triathlon my husband was in (it was actually held at Jamestown, and the swim was in the James River). I hadn't been to Williamsburg since I was a kid. It was different than I had remembered. We drove over to Yorktown and ate at a restaurant on the river. I love waterfront dining!


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