A New DIY Trellis For the Climbing Rose

Wednesday, October 11, 2017

A couple of months ago R and I made a trellis to support our David Austin rose.  The old trellis was beginning to fall apart - it's one we made from a Martha Stewart tutorial years ago.  I really loved how it looked and that it was attached to the house using copper pipes.  So we decided to attach our new trellis with the copper pipes only this time we took our design inspiration from Censational Girl.  I loved how her trellis turned out and followed her lead on the lumber she used.  We basically played around with layouts until we got the look we were after.  R used a nail gun to attach the pieces and I spray painted the entire trellis front & back with one coat of primer & two coats of white satin.  We cut the rose all the way back and you can see that it has already started growing again.  Now I'm, looking forward to seeing it in full bloom next spring.

P.S.  It is sooooo humid here that my camera lens kept fogging up.  That's why the pictures are a little blurry.

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