More Things To Do in the Amalfi Coast

Tuesday, August 29, 2017

I've shared several of our favorite adventures from our recent trip to the Amalfi Coast.  (See a list of posts below.)  Today I wanted to share other things we did that were also fun, but didn't require an entire post.  Also, look for a travel tips & packing post very soon.

We stayed in Praiano 8 nights and from there made day trips to other parts of the coast.  We had a private driver, but I believe we could do the driving ourselves in the off season when there are fewer buses and vans on the road.  Which reminds me of one of the driver's advice, "drive without hesitation". Well ok, except if I'm about to get into a head on collision with something 20 times my size, yikes!  Anyway, here are a few things we did that were fun that you also might enjoy should you find yourself in the lovely Amalfi Coast with nothing to do. Warning:  this is a long post.

Pompeii & Naples  We met a private tour guide who took us through the ruins.  It was truly amazing to imagine what life was like back then and also that there is an even older city below Pompeii.  We were there in June and it was quite crowded as a cruise ship from England had just docked.  We were lucky to be with a guide who knew the ins & outs of getting around.  From there we went to Naples for lunch at Gino Sorbillo Lievto Mdre al Mare.  They are known for delicious pizza and it did not disappoint.  The outdoor cafe is positioned on the water with a very nice view of the sea.

Path Of Gods  This was one of my favorite things!  The Path of Gods is a cliff side trail with panoramic vistas that were once dotted with ancient temples.  Our private guide led us through the trail stopping to point out old pirate hideouts, edible plants, and other facts about the area.  It was worth the hike because the views were incredible!  Buildings that were once homes have now been turned into B&Bs.  Everything is delivered by donkey or a rail-car system.  This might be the day that my heart app said I climbed 42 flights of stairs.  :)

Il Turuziello Visiting this mozzarella factory was quite the adventure!  The streets are so narrow that we had to ride in this tiny little car that reminded me of something out of a Richard Scarry book, haha.  It was lots of fun!  We were greeted by the farm dogs and were lead out to the barn where we saw newborn calves being bottle fed.  The only thing that broke my heart and stuck with me (still to this day) is that in Italy cows are not allowed to roam in pastures.  Their lives are spent chained to a post. Farmers are trying to change the laws allowing them more freedom, but for now that's how it is.  We got to see the actual making of mozzarella and enjoyed a cheese and wine tasting afterward.  The people were so gracious and take great pride in their work.

Private Boat to Capri If you ever have the chance to take a boat ride in the Mediterranean, do it! This was our second day on the sea, see our deep sea fishing experience here.  Our driver took us through and around the signature rock formations as we made our way toward Capri.  The island itself while absolutely beautiful was at peak tourist season.  So I would recommend going another time if you don't like crowds.  My in-laws have been in September and said it was quite pleasant then.  We snapped a few pictures, had lunch (don't recall where), and decided to head back to our villa.

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  1. Hi! Lovely post and pictures :) Just a note - I am Italian and I have never heard of any regulation not allowing cows to roam free. In fact, I have often seen cows, sheep and goats on pastures in the Alps and Apennines mountain ranges, as well in the countryside in central Italy. It might be that they have some restrictions locally, though...

    1. Thank you! This makes me feel a little better. There was a specific reason these cows weren't allowed outside and I do not recall what it was. I've been trying to research it, but have come up with nothing.


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