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Monday, August 21, 2017

I'm finally back to blogging after an emotional week of seeing our sons off to college.  Mr. and I have decided not to be sad, even though we miss our boys like crazy.  They are both so excited about the new year and a chance to attend the same university and swim on the same team. They are together and happy so how could we possible be sad?  We are getting used to our "new normal".  You know the one that happens after the first baby is born...or the second baby...or when all the babies move out. We are enjoying our time so far.  We come and go as we wish and don't have to get a head count for dinner. Hello party of two.  Last week our youngest son was greeted with open arms by the senior boys on the team.  They helped us move all of his stuff into the dorm which was pretty special.  He is in good hands and we couldn't be happier for him.  

Now how about some pretty inspiration?  Do you follow Urban Gray Home on instagram?  I hope you enjoy her fresh California vibe as much as I do.  


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