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Wednesday, July 26, 2017


It took me long enough, but this summer I've been catching up on Home Town.  I recorded the HGTV series as soon as I found out about it, but finding the time to sit down to watch it was a different story. I'm probably the last one to the party, but y'all, I adore Erin ( and I also adore her hubby).  The two were discovered after their 1925 craftsman home was featured in Southern Weddings.  After that their instagram account grew and next thing you know HGTV made an offer which resulted in Home Town - a show that is bringing the tiny town of Laurel, Mississippi back to life one house at a time.

Each show Erin and her husband walk potential buyers through two homes making renovation recommendations, similar to Fixer Upper.  The buyers choose a home and the team goes to work, knocking down walls, refinishing floors, and making the home perfect for the new owners.  I always love to watch the process - which walls to knock down, paint color selections, custom pieces, etc. And you know my love of small houses, especially in small Southern towns.

Erin and her husband are both cute as they can be!  Each new episode, I'm curious to see what Erin will be wearing.  Most of her outfits are casual given the type of work she does.  Sometimes she wears a midi dress or an a-line skirt, but she always looks feminine and fun.  And how darling is her hair!?

Anyway, all this to say, I've tracked down a few things to achieve the "Erin Napier" look in case any of you are like me and love her style.

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  1. I have not had the chance to watch this show yet but just the snippets I've seen are very appealing. Love her casual style!

  2. Love this, thank you for taking the time to shop her look, I too absolutely love them both and Erin's style, totally genuine and comfy they are!!!

  3. Hi I am wondering where I could get the dress you wore in the episode with the country singer. It looked like Paisley and is blue and white. Thanks and love the show!!

    1. Me too! I just watched the episode and said to myself, "that's the dress I want to get married in," casual but beautiful.


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