Deep Sea Fishing in Italy

Wednesday, July 12, 2017

It's not every day that you get to see a deep sea fishing excursion here on Cottage and Vine. Today is your lucky day, lol!  Our trip to Italy was planned as a celebration of our youngest son graduating high school.  You may recall a similar trip to other parts of Italy when our oldest son graduated.  My mother-in-law is the mastermind behind the trip and she included everyone in the itinerary planning. The only request our sons had was to go fishing.  They are the outdoorsy type and love to fish anywhere possible.  So my mil pulled some strings and made it happen.

We were greeted by Frank and Sal, a father and son team, boarded a private boat in Masse Lubrense marina, and headed out for our adventure.  We really weren't sure what we were about to do, but were none the less, very excited.

Frank and Sal were so gracious and hospitable - both really sweet men.  Sal served home made blueberry pie made by his mother as soon as we were settled in and far enough away from shore.  The pie was made with blueberry marmalade from blueberries grown in their garden.  It was the best pie I've ever eaten!

As we made our way out into deeper water, we took in the beautiful sites.

 Queen's swimming hole

Frank taught our boys how to bait the hooks and they worked until every last hook was baited.

We headed out toward Capri which you can see below.  It was a little hazy that morning, but thankfully we had another boating adventure planned later in the week.

As soon as we were deep enough, the lines were thrown out.  They left a marker for us to come back to later.

Now for some real fishing.  I'm not sure this was what the boys had in mind, but it was fun just the same.

Ok, time to go back & check the lines.  I know you're waiting with bated :) breathe to hear what we caught.  2 conger fish, and a ray.  Frank was kind enough to cook these lovelies up for us and that my dears is what we ate for lunch - along with delicious bread and salad made by Sal's mother.  Apparently conger is a delicacy?

After lunch Sal asked if we would like to "make a beautiful swim" and of course the boys dove right in.

We made our way along the coastline as we headed back to Massa Lubrense.

We got as close as humanly possible to this beautiful waterfall.  So close we may have even crashed into the rock, lol!

Here's a little drone video from the beautiful swim and the eventual seagull attack.  Enjoy!

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