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Monday, June 12, 2017

When it comes to designing pretty rooms, Sarah Bartholomew is one of the best!  This rowhouse, built in 1901 is no exception and guess what!?  It's only 1200 square feet!  The limited square footage in now way limits the high impact style.  In fact, as I mentioned last week, I believe the smaller the better when it comes to perfecting a space.  The home features a healthy foundation of classic pieces sprinkled with a touch of modern.  The natural textures inserted into each space keep the overall feel of the home very warm and relaxed.  You might also enjoy this Q & A with Sarah about more details of the house.  It's all so pretty!  Enjoy!

See more of Sarah's work here.


  1. Stunning! Can you tell me the exterior color of this lovely home?

    1. Isn't it gorgeous!? The article indicates that the color is custom matched to the home's original hue.


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