Grad Party Re-cap

Wednesday, June 14, 2017

Graduation season lasts about two weeks.  It all begins with senior awards, then convocation, and then finally graduation itself.  Sprinkle in final exams, grad parties, etc. and it begins to feel very busy.  All good things of course, but busy.  We planned a very simple gathering that included neighbors, out of town family, and a few close friends.  Many of the details are the same as the grad party for our older son.  When something works you might as well repeat it, right?  

We are so lucky that the weather co-operated and we were able to use our patio/deck area for the celebration.  I used the Martha Stewart moons again under the umbrella.  I love the festive touch they give!

Not pictured is a cooler of water & LaCroix, but we put out wine & beer in a tub filled with ice. Yay for having a grad party on National Rose day!

I had pictures enlarged at Staples and was keeping it together until I saw those life-sized baby toes.  I could almost smell the baby.  Time goes too fast I tell you!

Holding this guy a little tighter these days!

The party was from 4-6 so we kept the food very simple with crudites and a meat & cheese tray.

The cake was made by a local friend who I highly recommend!  Not only was the cake exactly what we wanted, but it was delicious too!  I've been sneaking bites almost every time I walk by.

As a side note, both of our boys will attend East Carolina University together in the fall.  They are both swimmers and will be on the men's team together.  We are so excited for them, almost as excited as they are.  Next year will be a sweet one for our senior and freshman.

And of course I will always be their biggest fan and cheerleader.


  1. My two oldest sons went to ECU and it was a wonderful school and great experience. Congrats!

    1. Oh how fun! Our sons are both looking forward to a year together. Thank you!


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