Mother's Day Gift Ideas

Tuesday, May 2, 2017

I don't know about you, but I think Mother's are hard to shop for.  My mother loves pretty things, but either a. already has what she wants or b. when she wants something she buys it herself or c.  what she really wants might be out of my price range, lol!  I've given her hard to find plants for her garden, pajamas, flower arrangements, pretty coffee table books, but I never feel like it is enough.  When it comes down to it, she's happiest to spend a day with her family and prefers that I don't give her anything.  I've been thinking about about gifts I've received for Mother's Day over the years and pulled together a few ideas for you in case you are stumped.  By the way, these are all available on Amazon and many are Prime items which means you can get it in 2 days.

perfume - Whether it's a new fragrance or an old favorite, perfume is always nice.

sunglasses - They come in a range of prices and we wear them every day.  There's something nice about receiving something special we use every day, right?

diamond studs - I wear diamond studs most days of the week.  They never go out of style and go with everything.

pretty book - The Decorated Home by Meg Braff is on my wishlist, but there are literally tons of books for every interest.

fresh flowers - Did you know that you can order fresh flowers delivered on Amazon?  We have used this service numerous times.

straw bag - Straw bags are all the rage this spring/summer.  Mom might want to join in on the trend.

ruffled espadrilles (LOVE) OK so I'm seriously dying over these cute espadrilles!  Blush pink & ruffles never looked so good!

dark chocolate almonds - I drive to Trader Joe's in Winston Salem just for these.  Well, I do pick up a few other things, but I never leave without them.  Sea salt & turbinado sugar & dark chocolate greatness.  I've tried others and these are the best in my opinion.

Kitchen aid mixer - I received a Kitchen Aid mixer many years ago for Mother's Day.  While it isn't something I use every day, I do use any time I bake.

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