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Tuesday, May 23, 2017

I've received several requests to share more "life lately" posts so I'll be doing that from time to time. Last week seemed to drag on and on since I was still recovering from that horrible illness, but each day I felt a little better.  I managed to sneak a couple of date nights in and some family fun.  I'm feeling much better now, thankfully.  

R and I dropped into Village Tavern for what we thought would be a quick dinner not knowing it was 1/2 off wine night with music.  Win, win.  The yellow umbrellas looked so pretty against the blue sky that evening.

I had the Thai chicken skewers served over mixed greens with miso dressing and thai chili sauce.  It was delicious.

The next night we went to Fish Bones (a favorite!).  The weekly specials are always good, but this time I opted for the shrimp and grits which is always on the menu & a side of blackened green beans. The green beans are everything.

Saturday night the family, the girl friends, and I went to see one of our favorite North Carolina boys, Eric Church.  The girls insisted I wear my cowboy boots and of course we had to take pictures.

We were in a mob getting into the coliseum.  Over 21,000 attended.  I guess you could say that Eric is a pretty big deal in these parts.  We had the best time!  Seriously, THE BEST show I've ever seen!

In case you are ever wondering, his shows are on a 360 degree stage so there isn't a bad seat in the house.  We had choir loft seats and could not have been happier.  Eric played over 3 hours, one of the best shows I've ever seen!

Sunday Mom and I went on a tour of homes in Fisher Park.  The lines were extremely long so we didn't get into each house.  I really wanted to see this cute bungalow above, but the wait was over one hour.  Did any of you go?


  1. That food looks so delicious! Fun story about Eric Church: he grew up in NC about 15 minutes away from me, and my cousin actually went to high school with him. In fact, they played guitar together a few times. Always thought that was cool and can't help but love his music!

  2. I agree it IS fun to see what you've been up too. Glad you are feeling better. I like this kind of post and may have to emulate it in my own way. I think people just like to know how other people live. :D The concert looks amazing and I'm disappointed you didn't get into that bungalow too. My heart started racing a bit when I saw that picture. Stay well.

  3. You have a wonderful life!! And it's so great you are feeling better!

  4. The bungalow that you were not able to see looks adorable. I'm always drawn to cozy, cottages not large homes unless they're old with history.


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