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Tuesday, May 9, 2017

Jergens natural glow wet skin moisturizer  I was in Target a few weeks ago and a girl asked me to reach the top shelf for a bottle of this.  I asked her if she'd tried it and she responded with, "this is my second bottle".  You apply it wet skin then towel dry.  Surprisingly, nothing gets on the towel!  My color is subtle, but definitely darker than before.

Laura Mercer cavier stick eye color (in amethyst)  A girlfriend recommended this eye pencil.  It's unlike any I've ever tried.  It goes on smooth and you can use it either as a liner or to cover the entire eyelid.  It's also great for the crease because you can put it exactly where you want it.

Pixie hydrating milky mist  I'm a huge fan of Pixie products as you know.  Hydrating milk is my new favorite from the line!  My skin looks a little dry when I first wake up in the morning.  I spritz my face with this hydrating mist and instantly my face looks refreshed and brighter.  It plumps skin by trapping moisture which is a good thing for me.

Kristin Ess weightless shine leave-in conditioner  This product line is by the makeup artist & blogger at the blog Beauty Department.  I'll be trying more from the line as I run out of things I already own, but most recently I purchased the leave in conditioner.  It has a nice fragrance and leaves my hair feeling soft and tangle free without feeling weighted down.

Wet & Wild MegaSlicks balm stain (in made you pink)  My dental hygienist was wearing this and the minute I saw her lips I had to know what she was wearing.  It's like that natural, but better look that I'm always searching for.  When she told me it was Wet & Wild and under $3 I knew I had to have it! Made you pink is pretty shade of pink that I wear every day.

Shea moisture deep treatment mask  I've used several products from the Shea moisture line and this did not disappoint.  I use it weekly for much needed moisture.  It's recommended that you leave it in the hair for a few minutes so I shampoo at the beginning of my shower then apply the mask combing through to distribute evenly.  Then I place a shower cap on my head until the end of my shower.

What have you tried lately?


  1. I need to try that Jergen's Wet Skin Moisturizer! Love the fact that nothing will get all over the towels! That Wet & Wild balm stick is going on my list, too. Under $3?! I can't pass that up. I love a pink lipstick in the spring and summer. Actually I've noticed the older I get the pinks still seem to work. The Laura Mercier Caviar Eye sticks are great! I've been using them for awhile. So easy to use. Sand Glow and Rose Gold I wear often. Thank you for sharing your beauty products Rene. Always fun to hear about what others use.

  2. I really enjoy your blog. Im Canadian and Pixi is new to the market. I really like the Glow Lotion and will have to give the hydrating milky mist a try. Mixing a affordable with higher end products means I not breaking the bank and Im taking care of my skin.


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