How I Get Orchids to Re-Bloom

Tuesday, April 4, 2017

My love of flowers is no secret.  I don't go to the grocery store without at least taking a peek at the flower section to see what's there.  I'm forever taking snips from the garden to stick in a vase.  One flower I really enjoy having in our home is the orchid.  Orchid care is really easy.  All it takes is a sunny window and the right amount of water.  You can fertilize and re-pot them if you wish, but I've had our orchids for several years without doing anything special.  The blooms get better and better each year.

My office/sunroom with eastern exposure

 Dining room window with southern exposure

If you're an orchid expert, you may have more insight into orchid care, but here's what works for me:  3 ice cubes per week.

Every month or so (when they are not blooming) I rinse them in the sink until water runs out the of bottom of the pot.  Then I dry the leaves off with a paper towel.  Another thing I like to do is to attach the blooming branches to a bamboo stick with raffia and moss.  This is more for aesthetic reasons and because I love moss.  There you have it, my secret to orchid success!

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  1. I'm finally experiencing better success with my orchids since I began watering them more. I now water them in the sink weekly, and their blooms are amazing. I also leave them outside for at least a week when it's in the fifties at night. My favorite florist told me this was required for flowering. Interesting that you are getting blooms without that step, so maybe I could skip that! I love them, and their blooms last forever.


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