Julian Price House

Thursday, February 23, 2017

The Julian Price House is located in Fisher Park, a few miles from my neighborhood in Greensboro, NC and was recently the setting of the finale episode of Hoarders.  You may have seen my instagram story showing a picture of the beautiful historic home, a 1929 English tudor known as "hillside". A couple bought the house and are going through the process of renovating it which will certainly be a treat to watch.  They've partnered with one of my very favorite landscape architects, Chip Calloway and I cannot wait to see his plans come to life!  The interior will be part of a designer showcase which will also be a treat to see and I'd bet money that it will be one of the most highly attended showcases ever.  For those of you who saw the show or are now just curious to see the house and follow along in the adventure, here are a couple of links that you might find helpful.

Julian Price House on facebook - This is the best place to find out about any updates to the home.

After Hoarders - A recent peek inside the home which includes video footage, a little history about the home, and photos.

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