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Tuesday, January 10, 2017

One of the great things about being snowed in other than overindulging in hot cocoa is taking the time to thumb through magazines and catalogs - something I only do in the summer by the pool. It had been a while since I actually looked at a Pottery Barn catalog even though I receive them often. It didn't take long before I began scheming about bedrooms, place settings, and the like.  

I love everything about this cozy living room!  The mix of pillows and art were the first things to catch my eye - so cheerful & fresh.  My client has this rug and it is gorgeous!

This bedroom caught my eye with its pretty upholstered bed, blue and white bedding, and layered textiles.

This blue and white table setting stopped me in my tracks.  Dinner plates are only $12!  

Gallery walls can be extremely challenging for most of us.  The gallery wall in a box could be a life saver!  Love both of these!


  1. Really love that blue and white checked bedding and those dinner plates! I'm thinking the bedding would be pretty in our guest room. Nice for spring!

  2. My favorite part of the snow was extra time in pj's catching up on favorite blogs and magazines! Can't get over the blue and white china, and a gallery wall in a box...brilliant! Hope you're having a great week~

  3. Just when I was getting sick of Pottery Barn and their style that never evolves, they came out with this indigo collection. LOVE!


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