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Tuesday, January 3, 2017

I mentioned yesterday that R and I spent a lot of time last week purging and re-organizing - something long overdue, but now it's done and I am so thankful.  How do those piles creep back into our lives?  I find that taking care of things before they pile up helps.  Open mail immediately and file it or respond to it.  If I don't wear it , it needs to go.  Same thing when it comes to decor.  We can pin and save ideas for staying organized, but we all know it doesn't happen magically.  Pretty storage can be a good motivator.  Here are some pretty, organized spaces that inspire me.

image source


ONE hooks | TWO drawer organizer | THREE stackable jewelry box
FOUR laundry hamper | FIVE rattan boxes | SIX glass jar
SEVEN assorted wood tags | EIGHT shelf dividers | NINE bottle holder
TEN hangers | ELEVEN can holder | TWELVE wicker basket
THIRTEEN bamboo baskets | FOURTEEN utensil crock | FIFTEEN drawer liner 


  1. I'm on the purging train, too! After the holidays, I always feel the need to get things organized. Thank you for the inspiration!! Wishing you all the best in the new year ~

  2. Yep...doing the same thing over that laundry room!


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