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Monday, January 9, 2017

Hi there friends!  I hope ya'll had a great weekend!  We are covered in snow with nothing but sub-freezing temps in sight.  Looks like school won't be starting any time soon.  It's even too cold to take Reagan on her walks - which means we all may begin to go a little crazy, ha!  Have any of you tried the dog booties?  I can't help but laugh when I see pups high stepping in those little things.  Not sure Reagan would agree to wearing them.

How about a pretty retreat?  This lovely weekend home is a feast for design loving eyes with it's mix of feminine with masculine, rustic with fine, and traditional with modern.  From the floors to the mouldings, art and textiles, I'm in love!  See the full post and sources here.

Source: Elle Decor
Photographer: Simon Upton


  1. So beautiful and I love the mirror in the entrance - amazing! Happy Monday!

  2. That is so beautiful! Traditional but edited! Love it!

  3. gorgeous, is that bath part of the bedroom or is it a separate room?

    1. I believe it's a separate room, but would love to see more pictures to be sure.


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