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Wednesday, December 7, 2016

Shopping for guys can be challenging.  Knowing a favorite brand, hobby, or interest can at least steer you in a general direction.  My guys aren't picky and no two are the same, but they know what they like and tend to stick with it.  So, I asked each of them to pick five favorite things for me to share with you.  It didn't take them long to rattle off their five.  A few of the favorites have made it onto this year's Christmas wish list, which speak volumes.  

 My husband's five favorites 

raincoat - He likes it because it's light, waterproof, & of great quality.
headphones - Perfect for traveling.  I talked him into these instead of the earbuds & he loves them.
glasses - These aren't exactly like ours which were given to us years ago, but crystal lowball glasses are his preference.
boots - Waterproof, comfortable, & rugged.  He can wear them with jeans or khakis.
khakis - My husband discovered these khakis when he spilled coffee on his pants while flying.  He had to purchase an emergency pair in the airport and Brooks Brothers was his only option.  They are now his favorite khaki has them in several colors.

Our Youngest Son's Five Favorites (18)

pullover - He wears some form of quarter zip/snap pullover almost every day.  This quilted one is a fave.
sunglasses - Similar to Wayfarers, but wrap around a wee bit more.
slippers - Warm & comfortable.  
boots - The original Bean boot is his pick.
khakis - This is the slimmest cut.  Looks more modern than a traditional khaki.

Our Oldest Son's Five Favorites (20)

sunglasses - He's worn a version of Wayfarers since high school.
shirt - Offers UV protection & keeps him surprisingly cool in the heat.
jeans - If all guys knew about jeans with stretch, haha!  Great for commuters or students who ride their bike to class.
socks - Warm & not itchy.
boots - Waterproof.  Great for walking to class on rainy days.


  1. This is great! I have 2 high school boys and Vineyard Vines is a favorite! Waiting on college letters as we speak for my senior. Sniff. Sniff. laura

    1. Laura, I can so relate. Our youngest is in the same boat. Good luck to you all! XO

  2. This is a great list Rene. I think my boys would all concur on all of these! My kids always ask for Nike Elite socks too, because they know they will be getting socks under the tree :) Enjoy the Christmas season with your house full again!


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