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Wednesday, November 16, 2016

Most of us can agree that a trip to Target can often result in a cart full of things we didn't know we "needed".  Even with my best efforts to stay on task, the beauty department at Target always calls my name.  There's just so much good stuff there and most of it is inexpensive.  Here are a few things I've bought lately.

I've been using this toner at night after washing my face.  I like it because it isn't too drying, but helps remove dead skin cells.  When I started using this toner I was surprised to see how much makeup was on the cotton ball even after washing.  So I feel that it helps to ensure that my face is clean at the end of the day.

My hair is naturally curly and porous from years of highlights.  This shampoo and conditioner have been a life saver!  It tames the frizzies on the most humid day without weighing my hair down.  Added bonus: it's paraben & sulfate free.

I hadn't really bought into the facial wipes trend until a recent trip to Target when I saw a girl loading up on these wipes.  Game changer!  I use them before cleansing with my Clarisonic and CeraVe.

My skin welcomes this gentle cleanser now that cooler weather is here.  It helps with fine lines, dryness, enlarged pores, etc. and my skin feels so soft after I use it.

Dove dry shampoo $4

Dry shampoos can be a life saver.  I wash my hair twice a week and in between washings I use a dry shampoo.  My all time favorite is Living Proof for its amazing fragrance and cleaning ability.  The other day I was in Target and purchased Dove dry shampoo.  It has a light scent which is nice and the product easily works into my hair without any weird residue.

This conditioner allows me to air dry my hair without frizz.  My only complaint is that the nozzle is extremely frustrating.  The product is great, but they need to improve the packaging.
Maybelline instant age rewind $7

This handy little applicator is perfect for the inner eye area that tends to go dark on many of us.  The concealer brightens and lightens without settling into lines.
Lóréal pure-clay mask $13

I use this mask 3 times/week to unclog pores.


  1. Love those clay masks from L'Oreal. My favorite is the "Detox and Brighten" one! I have been looking for new dry shampoos to experiment with, so I might just try the one you suggested.

    1. Detox & brighten is next on my list. Dove dry shampoo is a great one for the price! :)

  2. I enjoy hearing about new products and need to try some of these. Affordable, too! I do use the age rewind for my dark circles and really love it. It seems to pretty much do the trick! Hope you're having a great day Rene.

  3. always love new things to try. definitely will look into those ELF wipes the next time I'm at husband always wonders why i go there for toothpaste and end up spending $100+. its lists like these :) ha!

  4. well, my schedule today just changed. Thanks!!

  5. I love reading about what products others use and I am especially fond of this list as it is affordable! Thank you for sharing!

  6. I guess I see a trip to Target in my future today:)


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