Brigitte Bardot: My Life in Fashion

Tuesday, November 8, 2016

"I'm proud I created a style that doesn't go out of fashion - because I was never fashionable!"  --Brigitte Bardot

Each generation has a style icon.  They exemplify fashion and beauty trends with unique personal style setting standards that others attempt to follow.  Only a few of these icons withstand the test of time and are recognized generation after generation. Brigitte Bardot, without doubt, is one of those classic icons.  Even though she was technically before my time, Brigitte's face will always come to mind when thinking about fashion forward influencers.  I was recently given the opportunity to review Brigitte Bardot: My Life in Fashion by Henry-Jean Servat and of course jumped at the opportunity.  (I'm thrilled to have my favorite Brigitte Bardot images all in one book)  Brigette's "style that doesn't go out of fashion" has certainly influenced fashion over the years.   Take the cover image above for example.  Style notes include: off the shoulder blouse, plump nude lips, cat eye, and a chic up-do.  Those looks come and go in favor, but never go out of style.  Classic always wins.

The book includes an extensive interview along with personal comments on the images chosen for the book. There are 187 photos, both color & black & white.  I've so enjoyed this well documented tribute about one of my favorite style icons and hope you will too.

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