Last Minute Gift Ideas for Dad

Monday, June 6, 2016

Hey guys!  What started out as a long Memorial Day weekend turned into an extended week.  As much as I'd like to believe that summers are slow and relaxed here, I'm beginning to realize that just isn't the case.  Add a puppy to the mix and I'm pretty much swamped.  Starting and finishing one task is my biggest challenge at the moment.  Can anyone relate? Blogging, at least for me, becomes less frequent during the summer as I embrace family time, projects around our home, and now our newest edition, Reagan.  I will however try to pop in later this week with pictures of the dining room progress.  I'm happy with how things are progressing.  We've also made some changes to the master bedroom that I'll be sharing soon.

If you're looking for ideas for the men in your life, I hope this gift round-up comes in handy.

1.  arctic chill ice - We use these for cocktails and swear by them!  They keep drinks cold without watering them down.  Perfect for an old fashioned.

2.  yeti cooler - Because nothing keeps things colder.

3.  bose speaker - We have this exact one and use it daily inside and outside and we even take it when we travel.

4.  cord organizer - Raise your hand if you hate tangled cords.  Can be used for earbuds, cords, etc.

5.  backyard jenga - If you're feeling really crafty you can make your own.

6.  belgian beer glasses - The tulip shape is the original glass for serving Belgian sours.  Order with Amazon prime and you'll have them in two days.

7.  how to split wood... - For the dad who wants to learn or perhaps needs a little nudge ;).

8.  personalized toiletry bag - I'm always a fan of personalized items and this studly bag fits the bill.

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