Favorite Pinks For Nails & Lips

Wednesday, May 18, 2016

Pink is a color I believe to be flattering on most women, especially mature women.  It's by far the most feminine color and comes in literally hundreds of shades.  So I find it tempting to pick up a new "pink" whenever I see one.  On days when I opt to go sans make-up a quick swipe of pink on the lips makes me feel a little more pulled together.  There are a few colors for the lips and nails that I reach for over and over.

1.  OPI Bubble Bath - This is my favorite classic pink for any occasion.  I've actually lost count how many bottles of this I've used.  Even though it's a sheer polish, I find that 3 coats gives a good almost opaque finish.  The blush pink is subtle a wears well with all the colors in my wardrobe.  I wear it on my fingers only.

2.  Essie Fiji - I started wearing this pink last summer and am now on my second bottle.  It's a fun almost white pink that's opaque.  I find that 2 coats is usually enough for full coverage, but sometimes add a third for good measure.  I've worn it on my toes, but prefer it on my fingers.

3.  Essie Mod Squad - This is my favorite playful pink for toes & fingers!  Two coats does the trick for an instantly fun pop of color.

4.  Essie Watermelon -  Deeper in color with a touch of red, watermelon just says summer.  Two coats give perfect coverage.  Love it on toes!

1.  Burt's Bees Carolina Coast - I'm a huge fan of all Burt's Bees lip products.  The crayons are my favorites.  Carolina Coast is the one I reach for and apply without a mirror.  It is a light pink so I wear it mostly during the day or when I'm playing up my eyes or cheeks.

2.  Nordstrom Rose Petal - I've never had luck with lip glosses.  They were either too sticky, shiny, or the color was "off".  One day I discovered the Nordstrom line of lip gloss and was hooked.  Rose Petal is a "lippy" pink that can be worn over color or alone for a more natural finish.  Unfortunately it is no longer available, but this one is a close second.  Do any of you have a good recommendation for a lippy pink gloss?

3.  Sonia Kashuk Parisian Pink - Parisian Pink is hands down my favorite pink currently!  I've been wearing this color non-stop since I bought it a few weeks ago.  It's bright without being too bright.  I wear it day and night and love how it instantly perks up my face.

4.  Sephora Say My Name - This is an extremely bright pink and isn't for everybody.  I wear it when the rest of my make-up is understated and I want to add a bit of drama with lipstick. Definitely a fun summer color!


  1. What a perfectly timed post! I am currently in the market for both items in - you guessed it - pink! Thank you for your great suggestions. :)

  2. René, I'm a fan of Essie Fiji, too! Thank you for the introduction to a few new-to-me pink polishes as well. Alas, a pink lippie usually looks rather invisible on me, but Say My Name might just work. xx, Sarah

  3. Essie Watermelon is one of my faves too. My daughter just bought a coral colored polish which I don't usually wear but I actually really like it for summer. I love your beauty product posts :)


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