New Kitchen Chairs

Thursday, April 14, 2016

Before vacation we decided to consign our old kitchen chairs and order new ones.  I actually had forgotten all about them until one day last week when I came home to find two huge boxes on the front porch.  My mind was still in a very sad place after losing our dog, so furniture of any sort was the furthest thing from my mind.  Before ordering the chairs I shopped around to see what deals I could find.  These were by far the best deal out there with free shipping.  They are available in five different finishes - mine are natural.  I knew they wouldn't exactly match our old farm table and that's ok.  So far we all agree that they are comfortable, sturdy, and we really like the appearance better than the old ladder back chairs.  We may add cushions, something like this, but for now we are living with them as is until we decide.

One of my sweet readers who has become a dear friend sent me these beautiful flowers last week.  It was such a nice surprise coming home to find them on our front porch.  If you could only smell them - they smell amazing!

other kitchen details:


  1. Love those chairs! I've eyeballed those before. Your kitchen is beautiful. :)

  2. Isn't it amazing, the world of blogging, that is by far the very best part about it I find, the readers and the interaction with my readers who are such warm and generous people, I too have made so many friends through the blog, it is such a lovely friendly environment. Your flowers are just beautiful.

  3. Rene, your new kitchen chairs are perfect with your farm table! I love them! What a beatiful dining area. I wish we lived closer. I'd pop over with some freshly baked banana bread and we could sit and chat over coffee. xo

  4. The chairs are awesome!
    /Patrik at

  5. Love the chairs....still sad for you:(


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