Soup & Grilled Cheese

Wednesday, January 6, 2016

Soup and grilled cheese is a popular meal at my house.  I was excited to try this delicious recipe from Blue Apron for lunch during the holidays.  The farm fresh ingredients including turnips and thyme made this my new favorite chicken noodle soup recipe.  The grilled cheese was the perfect balance to the soup and I will be making both again soon.

Over the past few months Blue Apron has become a reliable and convenient meal option for my family.  While I always enjoy cooking, I don't always have the time to track down all of the ingredients it takes to make something special.  It's also nice to receive the exact proportions so that there's no waste.  Blue Apron is now offering a recycling program with two options to help with the packaging disposal.

What better time to try something new and healthy than the beginning of a new year?  The first 50 readers will get 2 free meals on their first Blue Apron order.

Sponsored by Blue Apron.


  1. Looks perfect for the end of my day today

  2. I have done 2 weeks of Blue Apron....I really love the meals! It is great for someone who does not like to go to the grocery store....and that would be me!

  3. I have been thinking of trying Blue Apron! Looks wonderful.

  4. I have been thinking about trying a blue Apron! Looks wonderful.


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