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Tuesday, January 5, 2016

I hope 2016 is off to a great start for you all!  We had the best break with equal parts work and play.  I've been hanging pictures that have been propped on the floor far too long, cleaned closets, binged on Downton Abbey, and managed to squeeze in an Avett Brothers concert New Year's Eve.  As much as I like a schedule, not waking to the alarm clock has been downright dreamy.  Now we're back in the swing of things with school starting today.

Before the holidays I shared pictures of our hallway improvements.  I've since added a framed sea fan below the Positano print to fill the wall.  I love it there!

You'll thank me for not showing before pictures of this closet.  It was a disaster and we lived with it in this state for the longest time.  If you only knew how many times a day my family reaches in here for something!  Friends, focus on things that impact your life on a daily basis. Organize & purge.  You will thank yourself.  This project took most of a day because we removed everything, painted, and replaced the old yucky shelves with new laminate covered shelves cut to size at Home Depot.  Time well spent!

The first thing we did was remove all of the contents of this little hall closet and place it all on the dining room table.  I sorted like things together, threw a bunch of stuff away, and came up with a plan to make it all fit in a functional, aesthetically pleasing way.

Since both of our sons are swimmers, we need easy access to the pool towels so I placed them on the bottom in a laundry basket.  I may eventually switch that out to a wicker basket, but for now I am using what I already had.  I also grouped my products in one bin and R's in another.

There is a shelf for towels, bath mats, and the wash cloths have their own little hanging shelf.  Tip:  fold your towels to fit the entire shelf to maximize storage space.

I couldn't possibly part with our first aid box.  We've had it forever and I love it so it sits in front of bins holding items we reach for less often.

We've had this over the door shoe storage bag (attached with screws) in this closet for ten+ years.  It has been a life saver giving us access to smaller things that would get lost if tucked away in bins.  Everything is easy to see which helps us all to know where to find things and where to put them back.


  1. Avett Brothers were in Greensboro on NYE? I was actually in Greensboro on NYE. They are great, aren't they? Great post on closet organizing! You read my mind. Have a blessed 2016!

    1. They play here every New Year's Eve and yes, we love those North Carolina boys! Happy New Year to you!

    2. I met a couple from New Jersey who drove all the way to NC for the Avett Brothers concert! They did last year too.

  2. Looks great! I did a lot purging and organizing over the holidays as well, and I agree, work on those spaces that impact your life the most!!

  3. I love your closet organization ideas! We have a small linen closet in my boys' bathroom. I've thought about doing the hanging organizer like you have - I'm so glad to see it has worked out so well! :-)

  4. come all of the organization post which make me feel oh so guilty! I dream of the day when I am not working and can go through every closet in my house. It is so hard with a husband who doesn't like to throw out anything....grrrrrrr!


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