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Thursday, November 12, 2015

When I returned home from San Francisco last weekend, my husband surprised me with a completely finished hallway!  We've been working on it a little at a time, whenever we had a free minute.  The project was dragging on and on.  It's always the projects that I think will be over in a snap that take the longest!  I'm so happy with how it turned out and have been waiting for a sunny day to take a few pictures to share with y'all.  Our hallway is accessible from the kitchen, master bedroom, bathroom, and Mr.'s office.  But, it is dark at times and not always the most photogenic.  Anyway, here it is!

One of the biggest game changers was removing the casing from the passageway between the kitchen and hallway.  When we moved in, our house had doors everywhere!  It was the most claustrophobic feeling, let me tell you!  One of the first things we did was remove doors and it made a world of difference.  Now, removing this casing made it even better!

I wanted the hallway to be white so I thought it best to match our trim paint - Valspar white semi-gloss, only I opted for eggshell on the walls.  I love this white because it's not too blue or too yellow, but a great neutral white that also isn't too stark.  Our hallway looks so clean now!  Mr. did a great job with the hooks area.  We used to have a board there with a few hooks on it, but this is sooo much better!  I found the hooks at Hobby Lobby for a steal!

Our dog recently developed separation anxiety and destroyed the door casings.  There was no way to repair them without a full overhaul.  We ripped all the casings off as well as the baseboards and replaced it all with new wood.  Now everything looks so fresh!  Plus, a house as old as ours starts to show its age when it comes to paint layered over chipped paint, etc. so this was a nice upgrade.  

I had planned to use this print from UGallery in our son's room, but selfishly decidedly to use it in the hallway.  Now we all get to see it multiple times a day.  UGallery is a great source to add to your list if you are looking for ready to hang fine art photography.  I fell hard for this image of Positano the moment I laid eyes on it!

A few years ago I picked up this light from Joss & Main.  I always felt it was too big for the space and searched for other options.  I was seconds away from ordering a clear globe to use with an edison bulb.  When I tried the edison bulb I was shocked by how yellow the light was.  Needless to say, that was a no go so I decided to keep the existing globe.  The light base was originally bronze and I used my faithful rub & buff on it and love it now!  My husband and I both agree - the finish completely took this little light to a new level and the scale somehow magically feels better!

Here's a shot looking the other way toward our lovely bathroom ;).  Trying to decide whether or not to refinish this table and lately the weather conditions haven't been great for outside work. Maybe this spring?  Or maybe not.

The hardware is the icing on the cake!  One of the things I love about our old house is the original hardware.  Mr. removed all of the hardware and gave it a good cleaning with Brasso. He also sprayed it with lacquer so that it stays nice and shiny. The old hinges had many layers of paint so we replaced them with new, shiny brass hinges. Woops!  Looks like we are missing a screw, ha!


  1. Your hallway looks great. Having an old house myself, I love the features in an old home -- the floors, the hardware, everything. The light fixture looks great. The art is pretty. Love the hooks! Nice job.

  2. Beauty Full, Rene. You inspire me every day.

  3. My house is old also and could definitely use some new fresh trim and paint! I can't believe he took off the hardware and refinished it! What a guy:) It looks great!

  4. Love board and batten, it looks wonderful. What a nice surprise. Love your boots, I have the same Hunter boots :)

  5. Love this hallway! And for me, the old/vintage/original hardware is the best thing about the whole space! So envious that you have that. We lived in a house built in the 1930's when we were first married and I absolutely loved the hardware there, in addition to all the original moldings and such. Now we are in a mid-1970s house that started out with no charm at all! We have added moldings and wood work everywhere, but I don't have vintage hardware and it really does make all the difference.

    You did a great job!


  6. I love this Rene!! I want to add some trim like this to one of our walls too - so crisp and fresh!! And, I love that little gray table with the gold mirror too! So cute.


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