A Simple Addition to Our Entryway

Thursday, November 5, 2015

Our (interior) front door has been several colors over the years.  It went from white to Wythe Blue to dark gray.  While it was fun having color on the door, I finally settled with white and I'm pretty sure that is how it will stay.  I like the simplicity and the lighter color is probably best for this small, often dark space.  However, I felt it needed "something".  I was pretty excited when I found this laurel crest recently on etsy.  It is simple yet elegant and just what I was looking for.

Don't you love it when the perfect thing presents itself?


  1. Love the wreath, but you don't really need it everything else is so perfect !

    Especially the foyer light fixture you chose. Out of the ball park with that.

    Love the space. XOT

  2. Love the simplicity of white in a small space. You have the best little house!

  3. That is so lovely!! Speaking of perfect thing, I think I need this laurel crest for over my bed ;)

  4. Fantastic idea! Thank you for sharing it, Rene. Cheers, Ardith

  5. I love that you've painted your door so many times! Mine is mahogany and we painted the outside black two years ago. However, I was nervous about the inside being black, then thought about white, but did neither! I don't love the "wood" look because I have a lot of wood in the room and wood floors. Since then I've seen a lot of black doors and I think it looks good, but I always come back to white. It just seems right. Plus all the doors in my house are white!

    Anyway, recently found your blog (and your IG feed) and I'm really enjoying them both!



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