Updating the Teenager's Room

Thursday, October 8, 2015

It's been a while since we updated our son's room.  I love that he has opinions and ideas and has a great feel for how he uses his little space.  Now that he is older and uses his room mostly for sleeping, but also for homework, and music, he feels that the wall color, Hale Navy is too dark.  As much as I loved the navy walls, every time I stepped foot in his room it felt dark to me too.

We always hear advice about painting small rooms dark colors, but there is a lot to take into consideration including lighting and how you use the space.  In this case, the room has a south facing window, white floors, and dark furniture. The dark walls actually "worked", but now he wants a lighter, brighter feel in there. Hmmm, wonder where he gets it?

We've already replaced his desk with one from IKEA.  This gave him a good work surface as well as extra storage.  The rest of the furniture will remain, but may possibly be painted or refinished.  We move the bed back in front of the window and it feels better already.

I think we've finally narrowed the art selection down to this image of Positano which will be our jumping off point.  It will hang over the new desk and will provide lots of color options.  I can't wait to share progress on this fun little project!


  1. Oh I'm excited to see this. And appreciate your honesty about the dark walls. And you are so right, just depends on what the room is needed for and the feel. I love the direction this is going. And what a great hobby. Big music fans over here.

  2. We just decided to paint over a navy room as well. It's beautiful in theory.. but we were constantly trying to turn on more lights and "brighten it up". It's such a breath of fresh air to hear I'm not the only one who didn't like it! You won't regret the decision!

  3. I love his current room, but can certainly understand change. LOVE the photo of Positano! Can't wait to see where you take it!

  4. I loved what you did with this space before but totally get your son wanting a change. I feel like that about wall colors allll the time!! I am going the opposite direction with a bright room that we are taking dark for my older son, and my younger son wants dark blue walls next. So in two or three years I'll be breaking out the paintbrush again :) Look forward to seeing what you do in here, gorgeous inspiration piece!!


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