Our Apartment in Rome

Wednesday, October 7, 2015

cobblestone everywhere inspired our sidewalk project

I was looking through old pictures and and found myself daydreaming of our trip to Italy a couple of years ago.  It occurred to me that I never shared pictures of our house in Rome.  Our trip to Italy included Venice, Florence (with day trips to Bologna, Tuscany and Modena), and finally Rome (during Holy week).  I cannot tell you how wonderful this time in our lives was! We were celebrating the graduation of our oldest son at the time and are now planning the graduation of youngest who has chosen to go back to Italy - this time to the Amalfi coast.  I get extremely excited just thinking about it!

Anyway, each apartment we rented was unique in its own way.  You can see more about our trip in the links at the end of the post.  The image above is the entrance to the apartment building.  It was located on Margutta which is the street in the first image at the top.  Imagine tiny little Fiats zipping down that narrow street!

Like most of the places we stayed, the majority of the interior was painted white with simple furnishings.  I fell hard for that mirror!!!  The umbrella stand was pretty as well!

This was the main living space with a peek at the entryway to the left rear.  The step up to the right lead to the dining area with the kitchen being just beyond it.  Sorry, I don't have a picture of it.

Moving upstairs.  I absolutely adored the upstairs complete with a common area, work space, bedrooms, and balcony.

Those doors were amazing!  They folded all the way open and that is how we kept them when we were home.  I could get used to working right there!

This was the view from the balcony which we enjoyed both morning and night.  It was the perfect place to rest our feet and gather energy for the next adventure.

Brace yourself!  This is where the white walls end and the color begins.  The bedrooms were electrifying - not my first choice for bedroom colors, but fun all the same.  The tiled bathrooms were equally colorful!

(pretty flowers everywhere)

I always enjoy seeing images of vacation homes and thought you might too.  Ciao!

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