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Monday, October 19, 2015

Our hallway is undergoing a small yet mighty transformation.  The change stems partly from our dog's latest separation issues and partly because things needed to be freshened up.  It goes without saying that projects that seem simple in the beginning almost always aren't.  This one is dragging on and on.  So far we've taken down all the old trim moulding and replaced it.  The walls have been painted with a fresh coat of white.  I was looking for a replacement light, but instead decided to use what we have and am happy with the results.  I'll share progress pictures soon.  Now we are in the process of planning a more permanent place to hang coats that will replace our old makeshift hooks on a board method. These are some of my favorite inspiration images that I keep coming back to.

Our hallway is much smaller than this, but will have the same overall effect.

I adore this makeover by Freckles Chic!  Every single detail is perfect!  We don't have room for a bench, but I love this one.  So good.


  1. Love the inspiration photos you gathered. We're putting board and batten in the elevator room of my client's apartment building and through the hallway of the apartments for a cozy homey look!

  2. Lovely inspiration! Chief chewed our living room coffee table :(

  3. My new dog goes a little crazy when we leave but so far a kong filled with peanut butter seems to work for distraction! Hope it's just puppyhood:)

  4. I've been meaning to drop by to say thanks a million for including our mudroom in your roundup, Rene! And for your kind words; I love your eye for design so it means a lot!!



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