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Friday, October 23, 2015

Hello my dears!  Happy Friday to you!  Thank you so much for all the sweet comments left here this week!  I appreciate you more than you know.

Several weeks have passed since the floods in South Carolina, but the people who live there who have lost their homes are still on my mind.  I've read this post over and over, shared it with family, and just cannot stop thinking about it.  This week this video came through my facebook feed.  My heart is broken for these families.  Every day I'm thankful.

Enjoy your weekend.


  1. I used to read the Pink Wallpaper blog all the time and can't believe that post! I, too, reread it here three or four times; just could hardly take in. I don't even know what to say - I obviously take what I have for granted when I read something like that! I can't even imagine. My heart goes out to her and her family and all those people down there. And the way she wrote that made me feel I was right there witnessing their panic. I truly am thankful she and all their friends are safe. And then I watched that video. Same reaction. Amazing. What those people went through! And no one lost a life in that area. Blessed! But finally, I do read your blog each day and love it and read it the other day about your countertops and then read it the next day and so was utterly amazed you were apologizing for Anything!!?? I didn't feel you had any reason to apologize and it's so frustrating that there are those that have little to do but look for something to criticize others for, especially when they have to really dig for and manufacture and create possible transgressions when there are none!!

  2. Wow, thanks for sharing about the SC flooding. It's amazing how easy it is to not really know what's happening just a state away. What a harrowing experience; one they will never forget.

  3. Great links.....I am going to read the post now about flooding.....Have a great weekend Rene!

  4. Wow, Shannon's post was powerful. I cannot imagine how terrifying that must have been for those families. Feeling so thankful for my imperfect home.....thank you for sharing that.


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