Our Favorite Lasagna

Wednesday, September 16, 2015

It never fails.  As soon as the cooler temps arrive, I'm ready for some yummy comfort food.  I've been saving this article on five secrets of building the ultimate lasagna for a cooler night and last weekend it happened.  I gathered up all the ingredients, turned on the Italian Cooking station on Pandora, poured myself a glass of wine and went to town.  Cooking is process that I find very relaxing and rewarding all at once.  It was nice to move at a slow pace since our only event that night was eating lasagna.

This recipe made a perfectly delicious lasagna containing sweet Italian sausage,  three cheeses, and spinach.

The sauce is made with whole tomatoes and is a little chunkier than your average sauce.  And the spinach added loads of flavor.

Do you have a favorite fall recipe?


  1. I love all lasagna and am really loving veggie lasagna. Now that I see yours, the italian sausage sounds amazing…can't wait to try!! Happy Wednesday, René!!

  2. Bon appetit,it looks delicious!


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