My Solution for School Night Dinners and Food Ruts

Tuesday, September 1, 2015

I've been cooking for my family for almost half my life.  You'd think I have this thing down to a science.  But I'm just like everyone else who has good intentions then life comes along and catches you unprepared despite your best intentions.  When our sons were younger I was much better about planning our weekly menu Sunday night, purchasing the groceries Monday mornings, and sticking to the plan each week for the most part.  We find ourselves in a different season of life now and enjoy taking things a little more day by day than we once did.  We still like trying new recipes and eating seasonal food because I do believe in eating foods at their peak of freshness.

As you know, I'm a big fan of Blue Apron.  Not only does it help when our family is in a food rut, but it means I don't have to grocery shop on a busy school night.  Fresh ingredients are shipped to our door in a refrigerated box.  Everything I need is in the box along with detailed recipe cards and condiments.  Not that I don't enjoy grocery shopping, but I think we can all agree that sometimes it's nice not grocery shopping and knowing that everything you need is at home in the fridge.  Meals can be prepared in 40 minutes or less. And when someone asks, "what's for dinner?" I can smile and assure them that they will love it.

Last week we received our second delivery of meals from Blue Apron.  Each shipment contained ingredients for two meals for four people.  Meals average $8.74 per meal or $69.92 per 8 serving delivery which is pretty good considering all the guess work, planning, and shopping is taken into consideration. Basically, Blue Apron does the planning, shopping, and delivery and all you have to do is cook.  At our house, cooking is a very much a social time.  So I would chose cooking over planning and shopping any night of the week.  As they say, time is money.

We aren't picky and enjoy most foods, but for anyone with specific food requirements, you have options which is always a good thing.  I can honestly say our family has enjoyed everything we've tried so far.

Most recently we tried crispy catfish & roasted potatoes with summer bean salad & garlic-lemon aioli.  Even though catfish tends to be one of the fishier fish, we all agreed that it was delicious!  I'll be hanging on to this recipe - especially the aioli sauce!

We also had turkey sloppy joes with sweet corn & summer bean sauté which was a definite "do again".  A couple of other recipes I've been eyeing are the chicken tinga tacos & southern style shrimp & grits.

If you need help with week night meals and food ruts, you might want to give Blue Apron a try. The first 50 readers will receive 2 meals free on their first Blue Apron order.

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  1. I love your kitchen, that adorable round cutting board, and all these ideas! I may have to try them out sometime!

  2. Here is my still have to "cook" it....hahahaha.


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