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Wednesday, September 9, 2015

I have a confession to make.  Little details like light switches and outlets make me giddy - especially ones that look good and make my life easier.  I recently stumbled upon the amazing product offering at adorne by legrande and immediately began using the product visualizer to put together a plan for our kitchen and entryway - two rooms that needed help in the switch & outlet department.

Our kitchen has about five light switches and fifteen thousand outlets.  Not really, but this is one room where we have more outlets than we really need.

You can imagine my excitement when I found this little pop out outlet for tight spaces like this spot beside the banquette.  There when you need - not there when you don't.

I also chose this streamlined option, the paddle switch, that operates the cabinet lighting and bay window light.

The USB outlet might be my favorite of all!  We now have an official spot to charge our phones & the ipad. That bulky plug is a thing of the past girlfriends.

Moving on to the's our whisper switch complete with dimmer.


Until recently we had an embarrassing switch cover that was missing a screw ( or two) so you know I'm thrilled about this pretty new switch and cover for our foyer light!  Little details I'm telling you!

Now to start on the rest of the house...


  1. Love these! I need that switch for beside our banquette! :)

  2. Smart idea - I would love to have a USB charger built into my kitchen!

  3. love them! My favorite at my house is one that pops up from the center of my kitchen island.

  4. I, too, love little details like this. Dimmers are the best! We have them in the dining room, the kitchen pendants over the sink (they look great turned down low at night) and on a lamp in the living room. Next I want one in the guest bedroom and office.

  5. Looks great!! Thanks for the inspiration.


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