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Monday, August 24, 2015

School starts today which means back to business around here.  Good-bye relaxed slower days and hello earlier mornings, later nights, and busier weekends.  I would choose the summer schedule any day, but you know, life goes on and here we are.  Aside from the fact that everything feels more business-like and rushed during the school year, I'm quite excited to see where the year takes our two. They always seem to grow so much in a year's time - even at this age.  Best of luck to all of you who are sending your kiddos back into the world today!

Now for a whole lotta lovely.  Waterleaf is a design duo located in Manhattan Beach, CA.  They opened their doors in 2006 and since then have completed projects from Singapore to the California coast.  Their work is an east coast meets west coast style described as "clean, timeless, and classic, with a hint of the unexpected".  

You can also find Waterleaf on instagram.


  1. Beautiful work....soft and purdy:)

  2. Good luck adjusting this week Rene, hope your boys have a wonderful year! We're one week in and were so ready for the weekend! :)

  3. Oh one of my favorites you've ever featured!! Goodluck to everyone in your house today! We have two boys heading to school, but it definitely affects all of us too! Early wake ups, forms, homework, and all the school traffic!!

  4. Gorgeous photos and design. My favorite is that first picture of the dining room. It's classic but still has some really modern and fun elements to it. Thanks for sharing! And wishing your family a great schoolyear. :-)


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