Our Summer Garden

Tuesday, July 21, 2015

It's been a while since I shared pictures of our square foot garden.  I'm happy to report it is growing and providing us with lots of yummy veggies!  If you garden, you can probably relate to what I'm about to say. Each summer is different.  Some things work and some do not.  Our zucchini was a flop even though the leaves were bigger than all of our heads put together.  The squash is still hanging in there.  Actually it's lying there, but you get my drift.  The green beans have been growing all summer long and never produced...until now.  I'm so glad I held Mr. off because he was all set to yank them out weeks ago.  Sometimes gardening takes patience and trial and error.  And sometimes you just get lucky.  The reward is worth the effort because even if one thing flops something else usually thrives.

I'm still getting used to my new camera and went out this morning to snap a few pictures of our little garden.

 hot banana pepper

 green bell peppers

 green bean blossoms (finally) :)

 cherry tomatoes

the infamous herb tower

I'm already looking forward to planting our fall garden!


  1. Beautiful -- and bountiful! I adore the little white bean blossoms.

    1. Thank you! We were so happy when they began to bloom!

  2. I'm so impressed with people who are able to grow gardens, because every time I try I fail miserably. This garden seems so perfect though! I love it!

    Madison | All Gumption and Grace

    1. Don't give up! Some years are definitely better than others.

  3. Beautiful photos with that new camera!


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