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Thursday, July 23, 2015

Is there anything better than a good night's sleep?  Bedding makes a huge difference in my sleep experience.  I always look for 100% cotton sheets and have never paid much attention to thread counts.  I like them to feel smooth and soft.  We were recently gifted a set of sheets from Perfect Linens and are quite happy with them.

At Perfect Linens you can select sheets by the way want them feel in your hand.  Our sheets are second skin, which are described as supple and light.

I agree with that description.  Summers are hot in North Carolina and we live in an old house with old air conditioning.  It goes without saying we want to feel cool and comfortable when we sleep.

And cool we are.  Our sheets feel smooth and comfy.  Is that a good description?

  I do love the blue embroidery detail.  I'm not going to lie.

As I mentioned before, I love white cotton sheets and these are superb.  

Is it time for bed yet?  Use promo code COTTAGEVINE50 for $50 off purchase at Perfect Linens.

Shop the look:

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  1. I need some new sheets! Mine are looking a little ragged:)


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