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Wednesday, July 15, 2015

Last week I promised to share pictures of our newly wall papered downstairs bathroom.  This bathroom has seen a few changes since we moved in 20 years ago as you can well imagine :).  We have long term plans of reworking the downstairs to enlarge the master bedroom and include a master bath and walk-in closet.  So in the mean time, we do temporary updates like paint and wall paper when we want a change.

It wasn't long ago when I painted this room from black to white.  I loved the lighter color, but felt it was missing something.  So I decided to go with wall paper.  Mr. was less than thrilled with the idea, but I found a pattern from Walls Republic that we both agreed on.

This was the best decision ever!  The pattern, and I looked at a hundred few, is light and bright and one that has longevity.  It's the perfect modern touch to this 70 year old square tile that I would love to take a sledge hammer to.  In all sincerity, I love it!

The wall paper was professionally installed by yours truly.  It wasn't my first time hanging wall paper so it went up fairly quickly in one afternoon.

I wanted special art for our new pretty space, but preferred something again, light and fresh.  I found a pair of heron prints that I fell hard for and am so happy with them!

One other detail we wanted to address with this update was to add bead board and crown moulding to the ceiling.  The original ceiling was in bad shape when we moved in so as a temporary fix we covered it with textured paper.  It only took us 19 more years to improve upon this.

I love how crisp and clean the ceiling looks now!  The crown moulding was the finishing touch and gave the wall paper the polished look it deserves.  I will say though, getting a sheet of bead board into a tiny space will try your patience, yikes!  In case you are wondering, we had the bead board cut into two pieces and attached it to the ceiling with liquid nails and a nail gun.

wall paper
trim and ceiling paint - decorators white, Benjamin Moore
prints - 1, 2
shower curtain
monogrammed soaps
monogrammed tissue box
hand towel
swing mirror


  1. Love it! Very classic. I've seen worse tile, believe me. I would appreciate what you have because it is very nice. At least it isn't pink and burgundy (as I've seen during recent house hunting. Yikes!).

    1. Thank you Elizabeth! Yes, it could definitely be worse - you are right.

  2. The wallpaper pattern totally updates the tile! And the beadboard ceiling looks great too.

  3. It's beautiful! I've been throwing around the idea of wallpaper in our little bathroom for years. I think yours looks gorgeous. We did the planks and trim on the ceiling in our dining room and kitchen and I couldn't love it more.

    1. Thank you Mindy! The right paper can make the biggest difference!

  4. This is so fresh and pretty. I love it.

  5. Your bathroom looks so good! Really amazing use of the wallpaper.
    Thank you for your great post and beautiful images!

    - Jessica from Walls Republic

  6. I absolutely love your wallpaper choice! It totally transforms the vibe of your bathroom - it's gorgeous now!

  7. It's so good Rene! Once again you have such a way with creating timeless and classic yet chic rooms!

  8. I really like your black and white bathroom, Rene. While I don't typically care for square tile on walls, I really, really like yours, especially with the black trim. Very retro and very cool. I wouldn't touch it, especially not with a sledgehammer. Great job -- all the details are perfect!


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