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Tuesday, June 2, 2015

I'm excited to finally share pictures of our upstairs bathroom makeover this week.  Look for it in the next day or so.  Today, I want to show you how I created this tropical canvas.  I'm all about art that has meaning and wanted to include a piece or two in the new bathroom.  Keep in mind this bathroom is used mostly by our 16 & 19 year old sons.  Now that they are older, they have developed a great appreciation for places we've been together as a family.  One of our favorite places is La Quinta, CA. The picture I chose was taken from the patio where we have spent countless hours gazing toward the mountain through the palm trees.  This image is iconic to us.

I wanted to give the image a sort of vintage postcard vibe.  I've put together a few steps to show you what I did in the event that you would like try it, perhaps for that beach trip coming up this summer.

All of my adjustments were made in Picassa which is a free photo editing and storage program.  I've been using this program for years.

1.  This is how the image looked before any editing.
I clicked auto contrast to add more detail to the image.

2.  Next I sharpened the image to make the edges more defined.

3.  Next I clicked on the cross process option.

4.  Once I did that the image changed to the more vintage coloration.  From there you can control how much or little processing you want.

Once I had the image ready I sent it over to Canvas Pop to have it printed on canvas.

When the canvas arrived, we were thrilled with how it turned out!  Of course you can order canvases framed, but I wanted to try to make a frame for it.  I picked up 1 x 2 X 8 at the hardware store and used a mitre box to cut my pieces at 45 degree angles.  Each piece received two coats of primer & two coats of glossy white spray paint.  Then, with the help of my sweet hubby, we connected the corners with a nail gun. We "countersunk" the nails & filled the holes with white caulk so the sides would look clean.

I love how it turned out!  The room is very neutral and the canvas adds energy to the tiny room. 

Canvas Pop is offering Cottage and Vine readers 35% off your purchase.  Use code COTTAGEANDVINE35 at checkout.  

Be sure to check back later this week to see the rest of the bathroom.


  1. What a great and meaningful project

  2. Well Done!! We've stayed in Palm Desert over the years and the first time I saw the mountain range I was in awe of how it seemingly shoots right up to the clear blue sky


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