Our Ever Changing Kitchen #loveitmoment

Monday, June 29, 2015

When we first moved into our house, we knew that one day we wanted to open up our kitchen and add a space for dining and gathering.  Our kitchen was isolated from the other rooms and the galley layout only allowed for one maybe two people to cook at a time.  Not the best scenario for us since we love to cook together and wanted our kiddos to be able to play underfoot.  Several years later we made that dream come true and knocked out a wall expanding the kitchen.  This allowed us to add the dining space we always wanted as well as additional counter space which improved the cooking experience tremendously!  This was when I fell in love with our kitchen, #loveitmoment!

Over the years we continue to make little improvements to our kitchen to suit our needs and changing taste.  It isn't perfect, and there is so much we want to do, but we love it.  One of my favorite updates which turned out to be the best thing for our family was adding the banquette.  We made sure the design included space for storage to house school supplies as well as seasonal decor.  I love it when the boys stretch out after dinner and the conversation continues well after the food is gone!  All because we created a comfortable space for our family to share.

I love that even the smallest changes can yield great results! Recently, we replaced the brushed nickel faucet and hardware with shiny new chrome fixtures from Build.com.  Our goal was to brighten up the kitchen and this did the trick!  If you are like us and do some of your projects yourself, you may find the learning center helpful.  There are all sorts of how-to videos and instructional guides to help you through your project.  You can learn how to replace a faucet or sink as well as lots of other useful tips for homeowners.  From starter home to dream home, Build.com will help you every step of the way.

Of course there are other things we want to do like take down the granite back-splash and beadboard and replace it with white subway tile.  If I could get away with removing the granite for something lighter I would do it in a heartbeat.  That might be a wee bit out of the question at the moment and kind of excessive considering it isn't that old.  The cabinet fronts need to be replaced too. When we remodeled the kitchen, our main goal was to add square footage.  In order to do that we had to scrimp on other aspects of the project.  The cabinets were one thing we scrimped on, but we were both happy to have new, clean white cabinets at the time, so that was okay.

Build.com is inviting everyone over to share before and after pictures of projects your are working on. Share your "love it" moment on instagram or twitter using #loveitmoment and you just might win a $1000 shopping spree to Build.com.  Who wouldn't love that?


  1. I think your kitchen is dreamy Rene. I would love to have it!!! The table area with the banquet and planked wall is my favorite part but also your pretty windows, white cabinets and open shelving are all lovely too!

  2. I think your kitchen is gorgeous but I know what you mean about wanting to change things. I wish just once I would love everything about a room & not want to change something!

  3. Rene...your kitchen looks great! At least you have dark granite...mine is that speckle crap.....and I dream every night of ripping it out! My husband might have a heart attack if I even mention it...but it is always on the tip of my tongue :) Happy 4th!


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