Gifts for the Graduate

Tuesday, May 26, 2015

It is hard to believe a year ago our oldest son was about to graduate from high school.  Fast forward and here we are with freshman year behind us.  Both our sons have friends who are graduating this year and it's fun watching from a distance all the activities that surround this special yet pivotal moment in their lives.  If you're looking for grad party ideas, you might like this post.

Today I'm going to share a few gifts in a range of prices our son received for his graduation.  All were greatly appreciated!  Hopefully this will help any of you who might be stumped about gift ideas.

1.  Ipad Mini - Yes, it is another gadget in the world of gadgets.  It's a great way to store music, access Netflix in a convenient size.  P.S. He uses it daily and probably not for homework.

2.  Beats Pill - It goes without saying college students need their music.  There all sorts of speakers out there and this one packs a powerful bang for its buck.  The smaller size makes it a great option for the dorm rooms.

3.  Backpack - Backpacks are a college necessity if there ever was one.  This one has great reviews on Amazon and is under $20.

4.  Cash  -  No amount is too small.

5.  Personalized Stationery - Dear friends of mine have a darling boutique called Be Creative.  One of the best gifts our son received was personalized stationery in his college colors.  This gift came in super handy when it was time to write thank you notes!  Greensboro readers, like on Be Creative on Facebook to stay informed of new product & open house events.

6.  Monogrammed Towel - College students need all sorts of necessities when they go away including towels.  You can find them in a range of prices and have unlimited personalization options.

7.  Hammock - The Eno craze is alive and well around college campuses everywhere.  Who doesn't love a hammock?

Of course gift cards are always welcome too.  Is there a gift idea you would add to this?

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