Friday Link Love

Friday, May 29, 2015

 Hey everybody!  Happy Friday!

1.  I've added another pretty outdoor shower to my collection.  Maybe this will be the summer?

2.  I love everything about this colorful office!

3.  This DIY bamboo ladder is a fun way to store blankets.

4.  I'm need to remember this - 15 uses for tension rods.

5.  Rosé to drink this summer


  1. happy friday, rene!! i always look forward to these posts! an outdoor shower is very high on our project wish list too! i feel like ever home with summer swimmers needs one. it is one of our favorite features in "our" cape cod home (rental, not really ours, even though that's how we refer to it...). i would use it all summer long if we had one! enjoy your weekend! xo, tessa

    1. Thank you Tessa! We always look for a beach house that has an outdoor shower. Would love to have one at our house.

  2. I'd love to sit in that office and sip a rose! :) Happy weekend, Rene!


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