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Wednesday, February 18, 2015

I recently worked with a sweet local family to plan an office space for the husband and make a few improvements to the living room.  The challenge with the living room is that there is no defined entry.  You walk into the front door and find yourself in the living room (same as my house).  The room also has a busy traffic pattern with access to stairs, a hallway, a doorway to the dining room and kitchen making furniture placement a bit challenging.  The room itself has great bones, is very spacious, and has lots of windows for natural light.

Here is the plan I came up with for the space.

This family likes to entertain, but feels like everyone ends up on the kitchen.  Sound familiar?  My plan includes adding more seating (there was only a sofa before), a new larger rug to define the space, and a few other fresh elements to brighten the space and make it feel fresh.  I also voted for moving the heavy piano out of the entry and replacing it with an entry table to give the space more of the "entry" feel.

Here is the proposed layout for the room.  I think they've already made a few changes and I look forward to seeing the outcome.

Here is the husband's office.  On the wish list was a larger desk, storage, a large clock, and an extra seat for visitors.  I really like how both plans turned out and I'm excited to see the results.


  1. where can I find plants like the two you have under "fireplace accessories"?

  2. Pretty Rene. I love the blue,green and gray colors in your family room plan.

  3. Looks wonderful Rene! Great size desk! Yes, I can relate to entertaining and everyone ending up hanging out in the kitchen. I love it that way being able to cook and visit at the same time.

  4. Love that console table you've included. Makes a fabulous focal point. And gorgeous color scheme!!

  5. I love everything about your plan, color texture. .all so pretty

  6. You are so good at putting the plans together....I think I am "mood board" challenged:)

  7. perfection! Wow! I hope when completed you will share where to purchase all of these beauties.

  8. I love this room layout- it makes you design plans so easy to visualize!! Adore this style of industrial cozy- great choices!!
    xo.Leslie Segreto Finishes


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