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Thursday, February 5, 2015

As of late, most of my work has consisted of one hour consultation e-designs which is something that I really enjoy.  The only downside is that I don't always receive "after" pictures to share here on the blog.  I've also been busy around town with a few home improvements.  One recent project and one that is very much still in the works is helping a friend with bathroom plans for her new master bathroom as well as bathrooms for both of her children (a boy and a girl). 

Like many of my clients, she knew what she wanted, but wasn't sure how to get there.  She wanted a plan that she could use going forward because she felt like she was spinning her wheels.  We went round and round with ideas and finally were able to eliminate things she thought she liked, but not when it came down to it.  Sometimes it is easier to eliminate what you don't like in order to find out what really makes you happy.  I think we can all relate to this a little.  We may become smitten with the design of a room, but when it comes to duplicating that same concept in our homes, it just doesn't feel right.  For example, my friend, let's call her J, really liked the clean spa-like bathroom concept, but felt it lacked warmth.  After spending time together looking through images and narrowing down different concepts, we were able to reach an understanding of what it was J was looking for.

Here is the plan for the master bath which I love!

I chose a warm marble tile for the floors and a warm gray on the walls.  I recommended using lined bamboo shades on the generous windows to bring in texture.  This bathroom is rather large and will have enough space (I'm so jealous!) for a double vanity as well as a dressing table.  J would like to bring in a large piece of furniture to house linens which I think is a fantastic idea and a great way to add warmth and soul to this bathroom!  The armoire in the design plan is just for inspiration as she hopes to find the right piece in an antique store here in town.

Both of the kiddo's bathrooms will be upstairs.  Here are the plans for them.

I used the same gray tile, wall color, and sinks in each of the bathrooms and changed out the decor to be more gender specific.

This project should wrap up later in the spring and I hope J will let me share pictures when it is finished.


  1. They are amazing. Love the warmth the armoire in the master bath adds the children's bathrooms are adorable!!

    1. Thank you! Looking forward to seeing this full house reno come together!

  2. Lovely selections, Rene! I really adore that painted cabinet. Hope we can see the finished baths.

  3. What great ideas. I love the idea of having enough space in a bathroom to furnish it with an antique armoire or furniture piece.
    Very pretty details.

  4. Love the Armoire in the proposed Master Bathroom, so classic and functional, plus something they can take with them if they move! I can't wait to see the after Before & After photo's for these!

  5. A lot of people can relate to your client. It’s rather confusing to choose a design, especially if there are a lot of ideas that are competing for your attention. Anyway, I like your plans. They all have the warmth that you are talking about. I can only imagine how beautiful they would be after everything is done and finished. Keep us posted!

    Roxanne Vaughn @ Total Plumbing


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