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Monday, December 8, 2014

My heart beats a little faster when designers take traditional furnishings, inject a splash of color, and add in a modern accent or two.  Kate Jackson is a master mind at this!  She creates timeless classics that are equally warm and welcoming.  One of my favorite projects is the traditional home in the suburbs.  You can find her portfolio here.  Enoy!


  1. Another favorite!! I love her designs but I hadn't seen this home (the one you posted). I love all the blue and green. So bright and fresh, yet classic.

  2. Such beautiful design and the perfect mix of texture and color…adore the living room!!

  3. LOVE!! I found a table on CL just like the one in the first photo but my client was lukewarm about it, that was the photo that convinced her! :) Have a wonderful week, Rene!

  4. Kate Jackson is seriously one of my favorite designers. I hadn't seen this house yet though, it's beautiful! My favorite is her own home. :)


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