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Thursday, November 13, 2014

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Now that the temps have finally dropped, I'm in the market for a new pair of riding boots.  Sweaters & boots are one of my favorite seasons combinations.  I've pulled together a round-up of some of my favorites, but it is such a big commitment for me to make the final pick.  Have you found a pair of riding boots that you love this year?

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  1. My husband and I were out last week and I finally told him how much I wanted a pair of riding boots. I have been wanting a pair for quite some time. We went into the Bloomindale's outlet and they have quite a few to pick from. Who knew though that because I wear a compression garment on one leg that it would cause me to have to look at the boots for a wider calf. Those were less prevalent. I found a few I really liked. This weekend is our wedding anniversary so perhaps a pair of boots might be in the purchasing.

    1. Happy anniversary! I hope you get your wish!

  2. For me, the only brand is Frye. A couple of years ago I treated myself to a pair of Melissa button back zips in black and last year the Lindsay Plate in redwood. Crazy comfortable and they will probably last forever. Zero regrets.

  3. The Sam Edelman Penny boot is a great classic boot too! I got them in cognac and in black last year. Couldn't bring myself to spend the $$ on the Frye Melissas. The Penny is so so comfy.


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