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Thursday, November 6, 2014

Thanks so much for those of you who shopped my sale the other day!  It was a HUGE success and I only have one set of Euro shams left for anyone interested.  

Lately I've been obsessing working on a plan to update our kitchen.  I'm not really talking about major just changes, just a few that will give the room that we spend an enormous amount of time in a new feel.  Since I'm not really sure where to start, I'll just jump in and proceed to jump around and confuse you.  Sound good ;) ?

The plate wall has been one of my favorite aspects of the kitchen for years and while I still do like it, I'm ready for a change (as I mentioned in a previous post).  This is such a large windowless wall and I feel like it needs more texture, more interest.  So, my plan is to add shiplap here and paint the wall white.  I also want to add a grouping of botanical prints (instead of plates) to the wall.  This image is a great example of my vision.

The chairs we are currently using are hand me downs from Mom.  They are from P&P chair if anyone is interested.  I would love to replace them with something more us like these options.

Our kitchen sink has a bay window behind it and I'm always a little unsure about what to do there. So I do nothing.  I like really like this look and have considered it for the longest time.

But lately I'm leaning more toward adding pattern here in the form of Roman shades - something like this.

I was 99% sure that I would use the first fabric (below), but am now leaning toward the second one. 

Whichever fabric I decide on, I'll add three pillows to the banquette in that same fabric.  I really like the simplicity of three pillows like this.

If I decide to go with gray geometric Roman shades, I'll most likely replace our current patterned rug in front of the sink with something solid like this.

If you are still with me, thanks for listening to my ramblings.  I thought maybe putting it all down in the form of a blog post would be therapeutic, ha!  Making decisions can sometimes take the longest and as you know, rooms don't happen over night.


  1. SO much great inspiration! I love the kitchen with the orchids in the bay window !!

  2. Adding horizontal planking and painting it all white is exactly what I want to do in our breakfast room too! It's just so hard to get started though...

  3. I love all these ideas and I know you might be tired of your plate wall but since I just found it I hate for you to change's lovely!

  4. Rene, all the changes sound so perfect!! It feels fresh and classic. I think the planked wall will add a lot of warmth and texture. Go for it!

  5. A wall of stacked botanicals would be beautiful in that space (although that plate wall is gorgeous as well!). And I totally agree that those bay windows can be tricky - love both of your choices for window treatment fabrics to go there.

  6. Do you mind sharing the source of the 2nd fabric? It's exactly what I am looking for in my own kitchen. Thank you!!

    1. It is Lacefield Imperial Slub Bisque - love it!

  7. I love your ideas and the botanics with the wood would be wonderful. I'm happy to hear there are others that tire of a perfectly good looking item of decor! :-)
    I like the roman shades and the second sample gets my vote too, even if you didn't has for votes.

  8. I love the horizontal tongue and groove walls! I can't wait to see what you do.

  9. Love the 2nd chair! Reminds me of café chairs in Paris. Love the 2nd fabric too. It feels a bit more sophisticated and fitting for a 20s cottage. Excellent ideas!

  10. Are the euro shams you have left the same as the west elm ones? If so I would be interested!!


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